Nightmare In Utah

The true story of one man’s dream turned nightmare

Betrayal, deception and the strength to turn it all around.

Author Brad Charles had always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. Finally realized in the fall of 2005, that dream soon turned into a nightmare.

Trying to run a profitable restaurant amongst his wife’s recent cancer diagnosis and dealing with the FBI, all within the heartland of the Mormon church.

Nightmare in Utah shares the story of one mans journey through life, death, betrayal, deception and the strength to turn it all around.

“Brad Charles shares one more story of one more personal nightmare for one more person in Mormon controlled Utah. As he shares the loss of his wife and the battles to keep his restaurant alive you see the heart of a man beaten down by a civil system run by a religious cult, but you get to see a man rise above it all and finally find peace”

Chase Carlson

“A very gripping read of one mans fight for survival and a better life for him and his family. What happened was a Mormon driven agenda to watch one mans struggle turn into the ultimate betrayal as the community and churches turned their backs and took pride in watching him deal with the loss of a wife and eventually his son. To no avail and to their disbelief this one man overcame obstacles that would bring you to your knees. What a powerful book, I absolutely loved it and will share with as many people as possible!!!"”

Beth Anne

“Very good read, kept my interest. I enjoyed the book very much. It's one of the books you know you'll read again in the future now that you know more about Utah and the Mormon church.”

Kyle Whiteside


About The Author

Brad Charles was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He gained his restaurant experience in Las Vegas and for a time, owned and operated Curly’s Fine Dining in southern Utah.

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